The well-stocked bar at Pub & Sport has something for everyone. Enjoy a nice drink in a cosy setting at Pub & Sport


There is nothing like a cold draft beer, and since we have just gotten a new draft beer system, we can offer you even more kinds of beer. There’s something for every taste. Whether you like a dark Guiness or a Grimsbergen Blonde, you can find it at Pub & Sport.

A selection of some of the draft beer we offer:

  • Tuborg Classic – The Tuborg Classic is, as the name suggests, as classic Danish beer, although the beer type is actually called Vienna. The beer was introduced on the market to celebrate Carlsberg’s 130 th birthday. The beer combines several different malt types, which makes it unique. The colour is dark and the taste is a bit sweet. The ABV is 4.6 %. Read more about this Danish classic here.
  • Grimbergen BLONDE – The Grimbergen BLONDE is a so-called abbey beer. The beer is named after the Abbey Grimbergen whose masterpiece was indeed the filtrated Grimbergen BLONDE. The beer is pure and smooth with a sweet taste. It has notes of banana, green apples, pears and melon. The ABV is 6.7 %. You can read more about the blonde beer here.
  • Grimbergen DOUBLE-AMBRÉE – The Grimbergen DOUBLE-AMBRÉE is an ale originating in Belgium. The beer has a dark amber colour and is a perfect balance between sweet and bitter. The aroma is pear, vanilla as well as sugar and caramel. The ABV is 6.5 %. You can read more about the beer here.
  • San Miguel Especial –This beer originates in Spain in 1980. It is a golden pilsner. The beer is a bright, clear and golden pilsner. The ABV is higher than in the classic San Miguel beers which gives this beer a more complex expression. It is light and fresh with notes of corn and grass. The ABV is 5.4 % You can read more about the beer here.
  • Kronenbourg 1664 – The Kronenbour 1664 is a pale lager originating in France. The brew makers have drawn inspiration from pilsners from Germany and The Czech Republic. The beer is golden and has a delicate bitterness to it. The ABV is 5.5 %. You can read more about the famous French beer here.
  • Jacobsen India Pale Ale –  This is a beautiful amber India Pale Ale. The aroma features notes of bark, coriander and citrus with a malt base. The foam is dense and creamy and the taste is fresh. The ABV is 6.6 %. Read more about Jacobsen India Pale Ale here.
  • Brooklyn East India Pale Ale –As the name suggest this India Pale Ale originates in the United States and was brewed for the first time in 1996. The taste is sweet and bitter. The ABV is 6.9 %.
    Read more about this well-balanced beer here.
  • Lagunitas IPA – The Lagunitas Brewing Company. This India Pale Ale is light and golden with an aroma of flower and hint of caramel. The beer is simple despite it being brewed on 65 malt types and 43 different hops. This beer is well-rounded and rich. The ABV is 6.2 %. Read more about the beer here.
  • Guinness – Guinness needs no introduction. It is a stout beer originating in Ireland. The beer is very dark, almost black, with a white foam. It has a malty aroma and a base of roasted barley to complement each other. The ABV is 4.2 %. Read more about Guinness here.

If you prefer a bottled beer over a draft beer, you can find bottled beer at the bar as well. We have a large selection of bottled beer which includes:

  • Carlsberg
  • Tuborg
  • Guldøl
  • Heineken
  • Non-alcoholic beer

You can also choose from a selection of drinks and cocktails – feel free to ask at the bar about our selection.

We also serve liqueur, shots, coffee, and snacks. And if you want a soda while enjoying a match, you can do that as well.

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