If you are looking for the perfect place to play table football with you friends, then you have come to the right place. Play table football in Copenhagen at Pub & Sport.


If you’re looking for the right place to play a game of table football in Copenhagen with your friends, then look no further. Come by Pub & Sport for a fun night with table football at the cosiest sports bar in Copenhagen. Table football is a fun and lively game which most guests at Pub & Sport find entertaining. At Pub & Sport you can play table football in the centre of Copenhagen. Buy a beer or a soda at the bar and you are ready for the big game. You can play table football against one player or a team. Grab your boyfriend or girlfriend, your colleagues or your best mate and come join us at Pub & Sport for a game of table football in our sports bar. If you are more players you can try and start a tournament. That’s always entertaining and creates a positive atmosphere.


We have tried to create the perfect setting for a game of table football at Pub & Sport if you want to play table football in Copenhagen. We have two table football tables where you can show off your skills. We have just the right atmosphere for playing a game of table football with your friends, for playing a game of table football before a match on one of our many TV screens or for playing before going out.

It costs 10 kr. to play a game of table football at Pub & Sport. The 10 kr. is put into the table football table and the ball will be ready for you. No deposit is needed when playing table football at Pub & Sport.


The table football rules are actually quite simple. We will however write a bit about the most important rule so it will be easier to play by the rules the next time you play a game of table football at Pub & Sport in Copenhagen.

First of all: you play until one of the players/teams have 10 points meaning the team/the player have scored 10 goals.

Before starting a game it’s good idea to agree on whether or not spinning is allowed. Most people agree that it’s not allowed.

At the beginning of the game and after each goal the ball is served or put into play. This is done from the middle player figure at the 5-man rod. The serving player has to ask the other team/player if they are ready before starting the game.

To begin play the ball has to be played from one play figure to another on the 5-man rod. This is to avoid goals right off the serve which is also known as two ball possessions.

A point is scored when the ball enters the goal. Should the ball enter the goal and return to the playing surface it’s still counted as a goal. After a goal the ball is served by the team/player who was scored upon.

Ball possession can be regulated. A regulation could be a maximum of 15 seconds on the 5-man rod and 10 seconds on all other rods.

And lastly, it’s of course not allowed to lift, push, or bump at the table to affect the outcome of the game.

If you want to take a closer look at the rulebook for tournaments in table football you’ll be able to read them at the International Table Football Association’s webpage. You can find a link to the rules here

And remember, keep hydrated between games. You can easily become thirsty when play table football. Get inspired by our selection of beers and drinks from our bar. You can find information about the bar here

Pub & Sport looks forward to welcoming you to a game of table football in the centre of Copenhagen.

Have a great game!

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