At pub & Sport you can borrow two different board games: the traditional game of Backgammon and the fun and innovative game Klask.


Perhaps when you think about board games you also think about a weekend at the grandparents’ or a cold Sunday afternoon. But when we think about board games we think about good company and a cosy atmosphere. And that is why we offer board games to our customers at Pub & Sport. At Pub & Sport you can borrow two different, and that is very different board games: the well-known backgammon and the innovative boardgamey Klask.

You can read more about each board game on this page.


Come by Pub & Sport for a fun and relaxing game in a cosy setting. Lean back in one of our booths with a draft beer or a cup of coffee next to you and a worthy opponent opposite you. Then you are ready to play a game of backgammon at Pub & Sport in Copenhagen. Come by for a game of backgammon with a mate an afternoon after work or play backgammon before or after a football match on one of our many tv screens.

It is free of charge to play backgammon at Pub & Sport. However, you have to pay 100 kr. in deposit to borrow the game. That why we make sure, that the game can be used by many more players in the future.


Klask is an innovative board game – you won’t be able to find it anywhere else in Copenhagen. It’s fun, entertaining and the perfect opportunity for a good laugh. It’s free of charge to play Klask at Pub & Sport, but you’ll have to pay 100 kr. in deposit when borrowing the game. You’ll of course get the 100 kr. back upon returning the game.

So, what’s Klask really about? You can read the rules and really get to known the game here.


The rules for a game of Klask are actually fairly simple. The game is controlled with magnets, so you have to watch your step, if you want control of the game.

The game is played on a board with two deep holes in each end. These holes are the goals. In the middle of the board you will find three obstacles: white magnets, which you don’t want anywhere near your own magnet. It’s a two persons game and each player have a black magnet, controlled by holding on to a larger magnet placed underneath the board. The large magnet is thus connected with the black magnet on top of the board. Using your black magnet, you have to shoot a little red magnet (the ball) around the playing field and score a goal, preferably without running into any of the obstacles. It is of course rather amusing witnessing your opponent dragging around a number of white magnets around the playing field or dropping your own magnet into the goal. And that happens surprisingly fast if one gets too eager.

If you want to watch an instructional video on how to play Klask or read a more thorough set of rules, you can do that as well. You can find the video and the rules here (in Danish)

Besides board games Pub & Sport has a lot of other activities such as pool or darts. You can read more about our many other fun activities here

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