Pool at Pub & Sport is a popular activity and many people enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in good company. We have six pool tables – and they are brand new.

Whether you are a pool shark or a beginner you’re always welcome to a game of pool at Pub & Sport. You get 50 minutes of fun in a game of pool. Join us at the bar before a pool game and get in the right mood with a draft beer or another drink from our fully stocked bar. Our experience tells us, that a game of pool only gets more fun after a visit to the bar.


The rental of a pool table is in time slots of 50 minutes.  The price is 95 kr. for a period of 50 minutes. The rental fee must be paid before you start playing. When you’ve paid you’ll receive the pool balls and then you can simply begin your game of pool. Since there are many guests playing pool at Pub & Sport we always recommend that you reserve a pool table so you won’t come in vain if you wish to play pool in Copenhagen. You can book a pool table by contacting Pub & Sport by phone in our opening hours on telephone number (+45) 33150810. Alternatively, you can book a pool table at the bar for later in the day/evening. Our staff is more than ready to help you, should you have any questions regarding renting pool tables.


It’s just not as fun playing a game if you don’t know the rules and the same applies to a game of pool – at least it will be easier to win when you know how to win. That’s why you will find a quick summary of the rules for playing pool so you’ll be able to beat you opponent next time you play pool at Pub & Sport (or at least have a bigger chance of it).

The rules are here put very simply so everyone can keep up. Feel free to ask the staff at the bar should you have any questions regarding the rules for a game of pool.

There are two main ball types: striped and solid colours. The white ball is the break ball called a cue ball. It is this ball you use when pocketing either striped or solid balls. Basically, a game of 8 ball pool is about pocketing all your balls before your opponent pockets his or hers. The last ball to be pocketed should be the black 8 ball.

The game begins when the balls are racked and the white break ball is placed behind the head string. A break is then made. If the white cue ball or the black 8 ball is pocketed in the break, the opponent can ask for a re-break.

If the player pockets legal balls, it continues to be his or hers turn. The next ball he or she pockets tells the player which ball type he or she should pocket for the rest of the game. Player 1 keeps playing as long as legal balls are pocketed. If the player who breaked does not pocket any legal balls, it’s the opponents turn to try and pocket balls. The players take turns until all balls from either the striped or solid coloured are pocketed.

The last ball to pocket, no matter the ball type chosen and pocketed so far, is the black 8 ball. The player has to call where the 8 ball is to be pocketed. If the 8 ball is pocketed in a pocket other than the one called, it’s considered a foul and the game is over.


The following plays are fouls where the opponent gets his turn instead. The opponent can furthermore choose where he or she wants to place the cue ball.

  • If cue ball is pocketed
  • A ball jumps off the table
  • The cue ball does not make contact with an object ball
  • The cue ball makes contact with the opponent’s ball type before your own.

The game is lost if the 8 ball is pocketed too early in the game. If a ball other than the 8 ball and the cue ball are pocketed by mistake, they remain pocketed.

Those were the basic rules for a game of 8 ball pool at Pub & Sport.

You can read more about our other activities on the site. You can find our activities here.

Or contact us if you wish to play a round of pool at Pub & Sport. You can find our contact information here.

Enjoy the game!

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