Besides the cosy atmosphere, the great selection at the bar, and sports on the TV we have a bunch of other activities to choose from at Pub & Sport. You can play pool or darts at Pub & Sport


Besides the great atmosphere, sports on the tv screens and the large selection at the bar, at Pub & Sport we also have a number of activities and entertainment. You definitely won’t get bored when visiting Pub & Sport. You can read more about the activities at Pub & Sport on this page and click through to the different pages, if you for example want to read more about pool, darts or our selection of board games.


A game of pool at Pub & Sport is a fun activity. There is usually a game on on one or more of our six pool tables. You can play pool during opening hours, and you can, naturally, reserve one of our pool tables. In that way, you’ll never come in vain when you want to play pool at Pub & Sport. You can read more about pool at Pub & Sport here.


Darts is a fun and challenging pub game requiring concentration and precision. Who can hit bullseye? Experience excitement and the happy atmosphere from a nice game of darts at our cosy sports bar in Copenhagen. You can read more about playing darts at Pub & Sport here.


Another of our popular activities at Pub & Sport is table football. A game of table football is often very entertaining even though it can be a noisy affair. So grab a mate or a team of players for a game of table football at Pub & Sport. You can read more about playing table football at Pub & Sport here.


We have two different board games at Pub & Sport – both excellent with a cold draft beer or a soft drink. You can for example try the classic board game Backgammon or the innovative and highly entertaining board game ”Klask”. Read more about or selection of board games here.

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