Are you looking for a place to place darts in Copenhagen in a nice and relaxing environment? The come to Pub & Sport for a great beer and game of Darts.


Are you looking for a place to play darts in Copenhagen? A place to enjoy yourself in a relaxed setting without hustle and bustle? A place where you can grab a beer at the bar and play darts on your night out in Copenhagen? Then drop by Pub & Sport – a cosy sports bar where you can play darts. Darts is actually a sport, but the sport is often connected to pubs and bars. And perhaps it makes sense to connect darts with pubs because it’s always fun to play a round of darts at Pub & Sport in Copenhagen. Buy a beer at the bar, find an opponent and you are more than ready for a round of darts. If you are looking for the perfect place to play darts in Copenhagen visit Pub & Sport – the oldest and best sports bar in Copenhagen.


At Pub & Sport you can play a round of darts with your friends, your partner or your colleagues. We have three dartboards, so you have ample opportunity to play darts at Pub & Sport. A game of darts at Pub & Sport is 60 kr. for 59 min. You’ll get the arrows at the bar after you have paid. That’s it – you can now get started on a game of darts. If you want to make sure there’s room for you to play darts, you are welcome to contact Pub & Sport and reserve a dartboard. Or you can book a dartboard at the bar. You can find our contact information here.


There are actually a few different rule books for darts. That’s why we’ll try and explain the most common rules, so you are ready for your next darts game in Copenhagen at Pub & Sport. In every darts game each player has three darts, which are thrown by turn. Three darts thrown in succession constitutes a turn.


If you can’t agree on who goes first, you can decide by throwing a dart each. The one who comes closest to bulls eye wins and can go first. You can of course draw straws instead, but perhaps that’s not as challenging.

DARTS – 501

The rules for a game of 501 are rather simple. Each player begins with a score of 501. The player to win is the one who reaches zero first. After a player has thrown his or her three darts, the score for that round is retracted from the current total until the player reaches zero. It sounds simple enough but can actually be rather tricky.

To reach zero a player has to finish on a double. So, if a player has 36 points to go he or she has to hit double 18 to win.


Mickey Mouse dartS is also called cricket. In a game of cricket darts, it’s just the numbers 20,19,18,17,16,15, and bull’s eye which are in play. The game in all its simplicity is about hitting each number three times. If you hit a double it counts as hitting the board two times and a triple three times.


Round the world could also be called round the board for that’s the object of the game. To hit each number on the board from 1-20 in turn. Any part of the number counts whether it be single, double or triple. The first to hit each number from 1-20 and finally bulls eye wins.

There are many other types of darts of could mention here – we have just mentioned some of the more popular types of darts.  You can find more in-depth rules for several games here.

Come by Pub & Sport if you are ready to play a game of darts in Copenhagen.

You can read more about the many other opportunities Pub & Sport has to offer such a pool. You can find a link to pool here.


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