You might know slot machines from online casino websites or casinos like the ones in LAs Vegas. We don't have as many different machines to choose from. But hte slot machines at Pub & Sport are fun to play if you want to have a good time.


You might know slot machines or gaming machines from a visit to an online casino a traditional casino or a trip to Las Vegas. We admit, that we don’t have as many different types of slot machines to choose from compared to a casino. But the slot machines we have are fun, entertaining and relaxing.

So, come by Pub & Sport and be entertained by one of our slot machines. You’ll be entertained for many hours either alone or with friends. For example, you can try our slot machines before watching an important football match on one of our TV screens. Or when you are out on the town with friends, try our slot machines. Maybe you’ll get lucky and can buy a round at the bar for your friends.


At Pub & Sport we have three slot machines, which you can play during our opening hours. Our three slot machines are all one-armed gaming machines also known as one-armed bandits. If they indeed are bandits, or you have what it takes to claim the prize, you’ll simply have to come by Pub & Sport to find out.

We at Pub & Sport of course advise to play responsibly.


The slot machines are very accessible. There are several levels but everyone can play. Throw in 20 kr. and you are ready to play. The overall point of the game is to match three symbols in the reel. Our slot machines all have fun and challenging extra functions, typically unlocked during the game. The extra functions can for example be bonuses, extra spins or multiplications. These extra functions help to make the slot machines even more entertaining.

If you are completely new to slot machines you might run into terms and phrases unknown to you when you play a slot machine. To get started we’ll give you a brief introduction to some of the most important terms.


A bonus game: A bonus game is triggered by a special combination on a spin. A bonus could be a multiplicator or an extra spin. The bonus gives you the chance to add to your winnings.

The payline: The payline also called the winning line. It is the combination of symbols which results in a win.

A Wager: A wager is the amount of money you choose to play for on the slot machine. A wager could for example be 20 kr. So, it’s the 20 kr. you drop into the slot in the slot machine to get started.

A jackpot: Jackpots are special bonuses. The jackpot is triggered when you hit a special combination.

If you are not a fan of slot machines, we have plenty of other things you can do, while at Pub & Sport. You can find a list of our other activities here

We look forward to welcoming you to a draft beer and a spin on one of Pub & Sport’s many slot machines.

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